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Popular Classes

Activity Classes

Our program introduces sitters with individual attention suited to your child's unique needs to improve their coordination, exploration and thinking. Children will learn to freely express themselves while doing creative games with the sitter.

Age 3~5 yr
Full-day (8H)
Half-day (4H)

Culture Field-Trip Classes

Our program introduces variety of cultural programs and one-day classes that can expand your child’s knowledge on outside world and desire to learn. By visiting museums, art centers and parks, children will learn to explore different culture and aspect of they way they think while having fun.

Age 6~8 yr
Full-day (8H)
Half-day (4H)

One-day Classes

While building strength, coordination, confidence and the groundwork for a better future, our program introduces many chances to do a variety of activities, sports, and games that fit your child’s personality, ability, and interests.

Age 9~13 yr
Full-day (8H)
Half-day (4H)

Why Choose Us?


Ever since being established in 2017, we have become the first to start a premium service
dedicated to foreign tourists, short and medium-term stayers and residents in Korea.
Mybeyond is working dilligently to serve our clients with distinguished strategy.


Mybeyond does not work with anyone.
We choose people who are selected through interviews,
identity checks, professional training and client feedbacks.


We provide service for 24HR and 365Days while listening to each clients' special needs and demands.
We provide age-specific customized programs that are diligently planned by an expert.

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